Who Can I Be in the Metaverse?

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Realistic Avatars Shaping Users’ Digital Identity

In Union Avatars, we have created this report, based on the opinions of users, and the results don’t leave a stone unturned!

The research takes a close look at the current status of representation in the Metaverse and highlights the challenges that must be addressed to build a virtual world that is truly inclusive.

The report’s main finding is that the Metaverse is currently lacking in diversity. Because most avatars are made to resemble young, physically healthy, white guys, it might be challenging for people who don’t fit this model to engage fully. The absence of diversity may also make those who are underrepresented in the Metaverse feel excluded and marginalised.

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Trustworthy Digital Identity in the Metaverse

The importance of a trustworthy digital identity in the Metaverse is also highlighted in the report. Most of our users think of their avatars as an extension of themselves, so it’s key that they can properly represent themselves in this digital environment. However, people frequently find it challenging to fully express their identities given the status of avatar customisation today.

The paper makes several recommendations for building a more diverse Metaverse. One of these is to give diversity and inclusivity greater importance in avatar design by expanding the range of customisation options. Making the Metaverse accessible to those with impairments by including tools like captions or audio descriptions.

The results of the report show that it is crucial that we put diversity and inclusivity first as the Metaverse develops, so that everyone may fully engage and express themselves in this fascinating new environment.

Check it out to know more about digital identity and how we can work to create a better, more equal and immersive Metaverse that leaves no one behind!

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