Uploading your Union Avatar to Spatial

How to upload your union avatars to Spatial

Learn to seamlessly transport your avatar to Spatial for an immersive experience. Let’s get started!

Welcome to a comprehensive Union Avatars tutorial! In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of seamlessly uploading your personalized avatar to the immersive world of Spatial. We created a tutorial video to make it easier for you to upload your avatar to Spatial.

1. Getting started: Spatial essentials

To embark on this adventure, ensure you hold either administrative rights or world management privileges on Spatial – a pivotal requirement for uploading avatars.

2. Create your 3d avatar: The first leap

Begin by obtaining your avatar. Not sure how? It’s simpler than you think. Sign in to Union Avatars, where you can effortlessly craft your distinctive avatar. With a Union account and your chosen photo, the creative journey begins. And with an array of over 200 clothing options, personalization has never been so delightful. Once your avatar is honed, download the GLB file to get started.

3. From GLB to FBX: A transformative process

Now, let’s move on to the pivotal conversion from GLB to FBX format. To facilitate this, you’ll need Blender – the versatile tool of choice. Initiate the process by importing your Union Avatars GLB avatar. Utilize the “import” feature, select “GLB,” and keep a watchful eye on activating textures for a seamless transition. Safeguard your creation by saving the avatar through the “FILE” menu. In a crucial juncture, click through “File,” “External Data,” and choose “Unpack Resources.” Opt for “Use Files in Current Directory.” Seal the deal with one last save. The final stride entails exporting the transformed avatar to FBX. In the settings panel, ensure you’ve selected “Apply Scaling FBX Units Scale.” Carefully deselect “Bake Animation” and the “Add Leaf Bones” option in the armature. With precision, you’ve completed this phase.

4. Unity Integration: Building bridges

Step into Unity, the canvas where reality meets the virtual. For this, ensure you have the correct Unity version (2021.3.21) and download the Spatial SDK. Begin your journey by opening a new project using the Spatial Starter Template. Should Unity prompt you to update, embrace the upgrade and usher in a new realm of possibilities.

5. Bridging to Spatial

Within Unity’s Spatial settings, navigate to “Account.” Here, seize the moment and click “Get Login Token.” Integrate your Spatial account seamlessly. Capture the login details in your clipboard and seamlessly paste them into Unity. Now, it’s time to structure your avatar’s journey. Create a dedicated folder for your avatar and initialize the transformation. Observe as your avatar takes its humanoid form and textures smoothly transition from “Use Embedded Materials” to “Use External Materials (Legacy).” Any ensuing pop-ups are mere stepping stones on this journey of perfection.

How to upload your union avatars to Spatial

6. Aesthetic Finesse: Perfecting your avatar

Let’s move on to refining the finer details of your avatar. Resolve any visual discrepancies, such as transparency glitches in the hair. With deft precision, ensure your avatar transitions into an Original Prefab. Tailor animations to your preference, and in the publishing realm, bring your creation to life with a fitting name. Determine usage content as “World” and “Human,” and if desired, embellish your avatar’s essence with a thumbnail – a 256×256 transparent image serves this purpose impeccably.

7. Final step: Validation and publication

Before unveiling your masterpiece, validate your avatar’s readiness in the issue panel. Embrace any improvements suggested with a simple click on “Execute.” Finally, the moment arrives. Select “Publish and Continue” to unleash your creation onto the virtual canvas of Spatial. And now, the stage is set for your avatar to shine.

Congratulations, you’ve ventured through the intricate journey of bringing your Union Avatar to life within the immersive realm of Spatial. Let’s continue this dialogue in the comments, and share your thoughts on the next captivating world where you’ll take your Union Avatar. Happy adventuring!

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