Droyz & Union Avatars Announce Avatar Maker Partnership

13 de October de 2022

Union Avatars Partnership Droyz (2)

Union Avatars’ Style Converter Meets Droyz Toys

Droyz is the first European company to design and manufacture customisable collectible vinyl figures with an impact on the metaverse and web 3.0.  

Droyztoys is a PHIGITAL product, a hybrid that links a physical product with a digital product.

The aim of the partnership with Union Avatars is the development of an avatar creator that will allow users to create their own avatars for the metaverse with the unique Droyz cartoon aesthetics, being able to enjoy your avatar in the digital world and in the physical realm.

The company has developed an app where you can access DroyzVerse*, AR viewer, Droyz Characters library, customization options and much more!

Droyztoys offers a vast range of customization in both, digital and physical products and all their figures are available on NFT to certificate and keep their value.

You can have a look at the Nightmare Limited Collection they just launched of original toys and NFTs with only 100 units per model!

You can check their social media accounts here:

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