UnionID: Your Digital Identity for the Open Metaverse

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Your Identity.
Your Rules.

UnionID is your digital fast pass to freedom, a digital identity wallet built with blockchain technology. Your identity-all in one place. No more splintered identities across networks. You own it and can take it with you – virtually anywhere.

One Identity
Across Platforms

Interoperability between third parties and platforms means that holders can now take their assets with them and have complete control over where they use them and which data they share with third parties, all secured and backed up by blockchain technology!

Union Avatars advocates for personal data and asset ownership. The only way you can really own your assets is by having interoperability among different platforms and wallets.

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Fashion in the Metaverse

Buy and sell digital wearables in our digital fashion marketplace and wear it across multiple virtual worlds you want to play.

How does it work?

Our UnionID is a Nested NFT in which the user can add all their private identities and also add other NFTs. These NFTs can be the different representations of their avatars, digital clothing and other assets, backed with blockchain technology.

Applications and use cases
Identity Projection

Your digital identities all in one place. Create as many avatars as you want, with different digital clothes or styles and securely store them as NFTs. You can have different avatars for different occasions!

Intellectual Property Protection

Creators, artists, and innovators can protect their intellectual property rights by tokenizing their artworks, designs, patents, or inventions as NFTs within their UnionID, establishing ownership and proof of creation.

College Certifications

Students can tokenize their certifications, licenses, and credentials as NFTs within their UnionID, providing a verifiable proof of their expertise and qualifications.

Medical Records

Patients can securely store their medical records, test results, and prescriptions as NFTs, enabling easy access and sharing with healthcare providers while maintaining data privacy.

The Future Begins With You

Open up to a realm of new possibilities with Union Avatars

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