How to use LIV with your own avatar

23 de August de 2021

install custom avatar in LIV. Union avatars, vr, ar, metaverse and web3.

Install and use your avatar in LIV VR is really easy and quick to do. Watch our video and follow the steps to achieve

Before starting with the installation of your custom avatar to LIV, make sure that you have the LIV software installed in your Steam account.

In case you don’t have yet, create here your 3D avatar from a selfie

The quick guide to installing your Union Avatar to LIV

Once you have your VRM avatar model and LIV software installed:

1) launch LIV and a new tab will appear. Go to “PCVR Tools” and click on “Launch CAPTURE”.

2) Drag your VRM avatar file to the LIV tab and then click on OK in the pop-up.

3) Take your VR device and open LIV. Once you are inside, look at your feet and click on the LIV icon.

4) In the menu, click on the avatar icon and look for your last uploaded avatar.

5) Calibrate your avatar to get greater precision.

Get now your photorealistic avatar from a selfie

In case you don’t have your own avatar, you can create one easily with our Avatar Creator. You just need to upload your selfie photo and you will get a photorealistic avatar. Then you can download the FBX file or add movements to your avatar.

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