How to convert GLB to VRM

20 de October de 2022

How to convert GLB to VRM

We have created this guide to help you convert your GLB file to VRM. 

This is a two-step process. First, we convert our GLB file to FBX, and then the FBX file to VRM.

The very first thing we need is the specific Blender Software to convert our avatar to FBX. You can download it here.

Now we open the Blender and create a new scene. We shall delete all the assets that appear in it. Let’s follow some simple steps:

  • 1- Import your avatar in GLB format (File/Import/GLB)
  • 2- Export your avatar in FBX format (File/Export/FBX)
    • 2.1- Click Copy on Path mode and select the option on the right to put in blue
    • 2.2 – On armature we unselect “Add leaf bones”
    • 2.3 – Unselect also “Bake Animation”
    • 2.4 – Select “Export”

Once we have finished all the steps above, we will have our avatar in both GLB and FBX. Now it’s time to convert FBX to VRM.

Convert FBX files to VRM

The first thing we have to do is open a new project on Unity.

When the project is opened, we go to “Assets/Import Package/Custom Package” and select the UniVRM package. Later, we drag and drop the avatar to the assets and drag and drop again from the assets to the scene.

1- We select the avatar on the part of the asset and change the rig to “humanoid” and press apply. After that, we go to materials and change the materials to “standard legacy” and “Use External Materials Legacy”. Press Apply to apply all the changes.

2- We go to UniVRM and select export VRM. We click on make T-Pose and put a name author and version and click export (My recommendation is to put in the name “prev” author “me” and version “1”)

3- Now drag and drop the avatar in VRM format to the asset and delete the other one. Then, we select the avatar from the asset and go to the inspector to the part of blendshapes. Now we select and modify our blendshapes to the avatar (in this part each one chooses the blendshapes as they like)

4- When we have the blendshapes in our avatar we export with UniVRM (I recommend putting in the name “final”)

How to Convert GLB to VRM Video by Union Avatars

And remember, if you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate and ask us on our Discord server, on the channel #support!

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