How to convert FBX to VRM model

5 de July de 2021

how to convert fbx to vrm model. Union avatars, vr, ar, metaverse and web3.

In this guide, you can learn how to get a VRM model from an FBX file using Unity

To get the VRM model file we will need Unity, knowing that we open the program and create a new 3D project.

1- We start by importing UniVRM package (download here), we will select “Import” on the first pop-up, “I Made a Back up go Ahead!” on the second one and “Use recommended Linear” on the third one.

2- Next we import the FBX file and drag the avatar T-Pose to the Hierarchy panel, we go to the inspector and change the rig from “Generic” to “Humanoid” and then to materials and change the location from “Use Embedded Materials” to “Use External Materials (Legacy)” we wait and select Fix Now in the pop-up.

3- Now in Project we go to Assets and in each Material (Head, Hands, Hair, Boots and Body) we change the shader from standard to VRM/Mtoon and we set the colour shade to white. Important!

(The hair will be the only one that we change something, which will be the rendering type from opaque to transparent).

4- We make sure that the T-Pose is in position 0, 0, 0 and inside the avatar in the Mixamorig.hips section we place it in position X = 0; Y = 0; Z = 0. After performing these steps we will go to VRM0 tab and from there we will export it selecting export UniVRM, followed by this a pop-up window will appear and we will select make T-pose, we will give it a title, version and author and all that remains is to click on Export and send it to the folder of our choice and BABUUM !! the VRM model was made.

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