How to add blendshapes to a VRM Avatar

28 de September de 2021

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New tutorial to learn how to add blendshapes to your VRM Avatar through Unity. It is very easy if you follow these steps

Before starting to add blendshapes to your avatar, it is necessary to have a VRM model of your avatar. You can check our post How to convert FBX to VRM model where we explain how you can easily convert it with Unity.

What else do I need to add blend shapes to my VRM avatar?

  • Make sure you have Unity installed on your computer: we use version 2020.3.7 (you can download it here).
  • You need to have the UniVRM Package imported into Unity (you can download it here).
  • Have an avatar: you can create your realistic avatar through a selfie with our free avatar creation tool. Once you receive your avatar in FBX format, you can convert it into VRM by following the steps in the tutorial indicated above.

Here is the video where you can see the whole process:

Where can I upload my 3D avatar?

Once you have your avatar in VRM format, you can use it on those platforms that support eye animations and lip sync through a webcam. Some examples of platforms that use VRM models are LIV or VMagicMirror.

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