This is our selection of several full-body avatar maker you can find on the internet. Which one would you like to use?

For the last 15 years, we have seen a huge evolution on the internet regarding social media. We have created a digital version of our selves and within it, we have developed our own virtual identity.

When we make the decision of creating our avatar, we want it to be embedded with our physical appearance and resemble us. But sometimes we want our avatar to reflect qualities whether we aim to have (muscles, being taller or slimmer) or maybe we just want to become something else such as a bear, a werewolf or a fairy.

Why should we use avatars in the virtual world?

As the world moves forward, criminality finds its way to adapt within it. The percentage of online identity thefts has been rising since 2010. Pictures are stolen on social media and they are used for fraudulent purposes such as impersonating you after creating a fake account on any platform.

Avatars also help you set up a specific identity throughout the internet. You can use the same full-body avatar in social media, forums, e-commerce, virtual worlds and the whole metaverse.

And guess what? Avatars do not age! You can use them for a long time.

The top 5 full body avatar creators

This is our selection of several full-body avatar makers you can find on the internet. Which one would you like to use?

Union Avatars: Linking Realities

Union is that company blurring the lines between the virtual world and reality, a unique experience like you’ve never lived before.

The avatar creation process is quite simple, you just need to send us a selfie (for better results, use a uniform background). Using that selfie we will create a 3D avatar in FBX format so you can use it in virtual platforms and do with it as you please.

Currently, you can choose between 2 avatar bodies, but soon enough you will be able to choose among different options. We are working on a new User Area so you can personalize your avatar.

If you are developing your own virtual world (or if it’s already created) and you want a realistic avatar in it, do not hesitate and contact us!

You can use our SDK directly in your platform and improve the User Xperience creating avatars in a matter of seconds. Tell us what do you need and we will accommodate your needs!

The solutions that Union Avatars provides are meant to open the doors to the metaverse. What are you waiting for?


Is a mobile app that works as an avatar generator. It gives users the possibility to create and share cartoon avatars with their friends using AR technology.

The app uses your voice and body movements to create 3D emojis and a full-body cartoon avatar. You can send these avatars to your friends via social media or drop them on the map.

You can design your avatar by choosing its look and style and adding to it 3D backgrounds.

It allows you to use your voice on the avatar and bring it to life!

You won’t find this app for Android on Google Play. It is only available for users with an iPhone X or above.

Union Avatars, the future of the metaverse. Differefnt tools for full body avatar creator and full body avatar maker


This is another mobile app you can find in Google’s app store.

This app has facial recognition software and its process is simple. You just need to upload your picture and Avatoon will create an avatar that looks like the given picture.

Once created, you can modify it by choosing among some given features. So, even though the cartoon avatar won’t have your facial features but a wee resemblance to yourself, you can customize the parts of the avatar you want to change to look like you, such as the eye color or the skin tone.

Union Avatars provides differefnt tools such as full body avatar creator and full body avatar maker

Vive Sync Avatar

With this avatar generator, the process is quite simple. You only need to take a selfie with the app’s camera and then it will process your photo.

The app will take some of your basic facial features but then, you will have to modify and change the parts of it that you want to match with your face better. The app count with a great selection of face parts.

As a downside, you can only use the avatar to talk with people using the app Vive Sync. Once on the app, you can interact with people from all over the world in a virtual reality space.

Union Avatars, the future of the metaverse. Differefnt tools for full body avatar creator and full body avatar maker


They have a scanning system that creates a measurement chart and an avatar by uploading a 10-second video of yourself using a smartphone while spinning 360º degrees on the spot.

The ultimate objective of the company is to improve the user’s online purchase experience when buying clothes or accessories. So you can create your full-body avatar and try clothes on it before you buy them. That way you won’t waste time returning apparel that doesn’t fit you.

In this case, the final product is not a cartoon avatar. Their avatar maker has a pretty good facial recognition system so you will see yourself captured in it. The platform also allows you to share your dressed full-body avatar with your family and friends so they can give you feedback on social media.

Union Avatars, the future of the metaverse. Differefnt tools for full body avatar creator

Create now your realistic 3D avatar from a selfie!

With Union Avatars full-body avatar creator, you can create your digital identity in seconds. You will get a realistic 3D avatar to use it, for instance, in games, metaverse, forums and much more!



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