Realistic Avatars and Everyday Digital Fashion

Recreating The Look Of Your Realistic Avatar Min

Recreating the Look of Your Favourite Realistic Avatars

There are 400 million monthly active users dwelling in the Metaverse, with a vast majority of these users having avatars that express their personality, taste, and sartorial flair. Without a doubt, the avatars in revered games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite have inspired designers and home seamstresses and tailors alike, many of whom are fascinated by the creative digital clothing donned by realistic avatars.

If you wish to add an element of fantasy to your wardrobe by adding an avatar-like feel to your outfits, but you aren’t into sewing, don’t fret. The key to acing this look is blending and accessorizing pieces so that parts of your outfit stand out and remind gamers or fantasy lovers of worlds beyond this realm.

Inspire Yourself by Top Digital Fashion Designers

It was only a matter of time until traditional designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton began immersing themselves in the gaming world for inspiration. Louis Vuitton has collaborated with League of Legends, to create special looks designed for players and avatars. Gucci, meanwhile, has launched Gucci Arcade and Gucci Sneaker Garage, allowing users to design their own digital sneakers and wear them in various games. Gucci’s Off the Grid collection, meanwhile, comprises real-life designs made from sustainable materials. Their digital versions grant players “green credits” in the game. Realistic avatars are, indeed, inspiring a wealth of real-life digital designs. If you had any doubt, check out Zayn Malik’s Versace suit with bionic arms (inspired by Jax from Mortal Kombat) or Kim Kardashian’s chrome Balmain gown, which she wore to a Met Gala.

Opt for Tailored Solutions

Having a bespoke digital outfit is ideal if you want your look to be fully avatar-like. A great seamstress or tailor will be able to make you everything from ultra-colourful tops to battle-like jumpsuits, and outfits with futuristic-looking metallic materials and accessories. If you are in the clothing business yourself, and you’d like to design a creative fashion line with unique realistic avatar inspirations, you can work alongside a tailored solutions company. These companies offer services like sample development and custom production, allowing you to create a private label or (if you are an expert) develop a line alongside you.

The Power of Digital Accessories

Take a look at your favourite avatars and check out the accessories that “make or break” their outfits. These can range from funky, colourful sunglasses to bangles, chunky boots, headphones, and animal-inspired hats. Some of these can add a subtle change to a typical everyday outfit, barely calling others’ attention, and therefore making a great addition to your work look. Others are super attention-grabbers and make great complements to “street style” Instagram looks or game-inspired party outfits.

Avatars from the gaming world have sparked no less than a digital fashion revolution. Top brands have collaborated with a myriad of game manufacturers, in an attempt to imbue gaming with high digital clothing and vice-versa. You may not have the budget of Kim Kardashian or Zayn Malik, but you can still emulate your favourite avatar’s look through bespoke design and manufacture or the use of affordable but outfit-changing accessories.


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