Transforming Events with Union Avatars: The Ultimate Photobooth Experience

Welcome to the future of event engagement with Union Avatars’ Photobooth. Perfect for event organizers, marketing agencies, and exhibition stand designers seeking to offer a unique, immersive experience.

How it works

Creating your avatar is just a touch away! Here's how:

1. Enter Your Email

Start by adding your email to generate your avatar following the steps.

2. Snap a Photo

The built-in webcam captures your likeness.

3. Customize Your Look

Choose from a variety of outfits to dress your avatar.

4. Preview and QR Code

See your avatar come to life on the screen, complete with a QR code for easy access.

5. Take It With You

Scan the QR code to view your avatar on your mobile device or in augmented reality.

6. Customized Email Follow-up

This isn’t just a thank you note – it’s the beginning of an ongoing conversation.​

Elevate Events: Engage, Brand, and Connect

It’s not just an activity but a gateway to enhanced engagement, powerful branding, and efficient lead generation.

Enhanced Attendee Experience

Revolutionize event participation with interactive, memorable avatar creation, elevating attendee engagement and enjoyment.

Powerful Brand Engagement

Boost your brand presence with customizable avatars, creating unique and impactful marketing opportunities that captivate audiences.

Effective Lead Generation

Convert engagement into leads by collecting the attendee emails, facilitating future marketing and sustained audience connections.

Brand Your Booth: Personalize the Experience

Tailor the photobooth experience to your event's theme with customizable avatars and branding options.

Transforming Events: Over 2,000 Leads Generated at MWC

Our Physical Photobooth was the highlight at the Mobile World Capital Barcelona stand during the Mobile World Congress. Throughout the event, we engaged over 2,000 attendees, who actively created their personalized avatars, leading to a significant number of new leads. This success continued throughout the year in various events, accumulating nearly 1,000 additional registrations.

This case illustrates the power of our photobooth to not only capture attention but also to foster meaningful interaction and generate valuable leads.

Explore Your Options: Pricing and Custom Packages

Find the ideal package for your event with our varied pricing options. For more information or to discuss a tailored solution, please use the contact form below. We’re here to craft a photobooth experience that perfectly aligns with your event’s needs.

The Future Begins With You

Open up to a realm of new possibilities with Union Avatars

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