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LINKING REALITIES, S.L. (“UNION AVATARS”) is a company devoted to exploring the world of digital identity and virtual fashion through the creation and customization of realistic 3D representation of its users called “Avatars”, which can be used to interact in a unitary way through various digital platforms such as video games, virtual reality (VR) platforms and augmented reality (AR) applications or in the Metaverse.

With the purpose of incentivize the development and growth of the virtual fashion market and the promotion of the most talented virtual fashion artists and designers from all around the world, UNION AVATARS, in collaboration with the creator based Metaverse platform VORLDS (“VORLDS”), has created this open call virtual fashion design competition (the “Union Avatars Open Call”).


How can I participate in the Union Avatars Open Call design competition?

The Union Avatars Open Call is open from November 14 (the “Starting Application Date”), for any virtual fashion artists and designers who already have created their own digital fashion works (the “Works”). 

The participants must complete the registration form set in the Union Avatars Open Call website ( no later than December 2 (the “Application Deadline”). Regarding the application form, the participants will be asked to submit information including but not limited to given names, e-mail addresses, social media handles, and the digital files containing their Works to be evaluated for entry.

Upon applying, the participants will receive an e-mail from UNION AVATARS containing a detailed description of the specific and technical requirements that all the Works must fulfill in order to allow their implementation in the Avatars. UNION AVATARS will not accept into the competition any application in which the Works submitted (i) do not comply with such specific and technical requirements and/or with the present terms and conditions or (ii) may be contrary to the UNION AVATARS’ values, and/or may disparage, call into disrepute or otherwise defame or slander the image and reputation of UNION AVATARS or its commercial activities .   

All the participants must submit their Works prior to the Application Deadline by sending them via email to

The participants must be at least 18 years old as of their respective application.

The participation in the Union Avatars Open Call is not allowed where local regulations prohibit. 

All the personal data and information provided by You to UNION AVATARS WILL be collected, saved, processed and used in compliance with the regulation in force and with our Privacy Policy.

The participants agree that (i) the Union Avatars Open Call will be governed by the laws of Spain, and; (ii) the jurisdiction applicable for any dispute raised from this competition shall be the Courts of the City of Barcelona, expressly waiving to any other jurisdiction.

How is the competition process? 

Upon elapsing the Application Deadline, all the Works submitted by the participants according with the provisions of this terms and conditions will be uploaded to the Union Avatars Open Call website and will be eligible for voting by the general public during a term of 25 days (the “Voting Period”).

Upon conclusion of the Voting Period, the top ten (10) most voted Works will be selected to be exhibited in a special event consisting in a virtual fashion show organized by UNION AVATARS and held in the metaverse platform VORLDS (the “Union Avatars Virtual Fashion Show”).

What are the prizes of the Union Avatars Open Call?

The Union Avatars Virtual Fashion Show will be finished by an award ceremony in which a jury composed by professionals of the fashion industry will select and announce the 3 winners of the Union Avatars Open Call and will reward them in cash, according to the following:  

  1. 1st Prize: 1,000.00 USD
  2. 2nd Prize: 500.00 USD
  3. 3rd Prize: 500.00 USD

All the referred prizes will be paid by UNION AVATARS to the winners by means wire transfer to the banc account indicated by them to UNION AVATARS in a term of 15 days as from the Union Avatars Virtual Fashion Show.

The transfer of the right to the prize by the relevant winner to another person is not allowed.

Participants’ warranties

“You”, as participant of the Union Avatars Open Call, regarding all the Works submitted by You, expressly warrant to UNION AVATARS that:

  • You are the sole copyright owner of all the Works submitted by You and You are the creator of the Works;
  • The content of your Works does not violate any law or anyone’s rights and is not threatening, false, misleading, offensive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, objectionable, provocative, pornographic, or profane;
  • The content of your Works does not encourage conduct that could be considered a criminal offense, give rise to a civil action, or otherwise violate the law; and that
  • The Work does not infringe the copyright, trademark, contract rights, or other intellectual property rights of any third party or organization.

According with the above, You hereby agree to be liable against UNION AVATARS and hold UNION AVATARS harmless against any expenses, damages, royalties, fees, claims or legal actions arising as a result of the breach of the warranties set forth herein.


You, as participant of the Union Avatars Open Call, hereby acknowledge and agree that:

  • UNION AVATARS reserves the right to use and reproduce the Works submitted by You in the scope of the Union Avatars Open Call, without involving any expectation or right to receive any economic compensation to UNION AVATARS and/or the participant, with the exclusive purpose of publish and promote activities related with UNION AVATARS’ business via different media channels; 
  • UNION AVATARS reserves the right to include all the Works submitted by You in the scope of the Union Avatars Open Call to its “Avatar Maker” web app (, with the exclusive purpose of adding them to the fashion design collection of garments contained therein, in order to make them available to its general users for their implementation in the Avatars generated through it, without involving to UNION AVATARS and/or the participant any expectation or right to receive any economic compensation. 
  • UNION AVATARS will be able to disclose your name as provided in your application form, in the scope of the Union Avatars Open Call in any form or by any way means, exclusively  for promotional purposes.

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