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We had such an amazing and frenetic month! We started in March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Union Avatars presented its futuristic Oval Booth. This installation allows users to create their realistic avatar in 15 seconds. The reception and feedback were overwhelming. We had the chance to talk to the brightest minds regarding the metaverse, virtual worlds, virtual identity and virtual reality. We learned a lot and it was a great networking experience.

As a way to thank the people who came by, we are creating a special NFT edition. So apart from getting their photorealistic avatar, they will get the very first Linking Realities’ NFT, and for free!

Media Coverage

During the last 4 weeks, several newspapers, mainstream media and organizations highlighted our contribution to the virtual world and echoed our work in different articles. To name some of them:

  • Blogthinking: Telefónica interviewed our CEO Cai Felip and talked at length to gather his insights about our current work, funding rounds and potential development in our roadmap.
  • Catalan News: Dedicated an article and this great video showing our Oval booth in the Mobile World Congress.
  • RTVE: In their article they quote our Marketing Manager and CMO Jordi Conejero, explaining how our software takes a 2D picture and transforms it into a 3D object that can be animated through AI.
  • Fibracat: Check out the video linked where they show our avatar creation process and talk about our award as the best startup at 22@network bcn.
  • El Español: Devoted an article talking about the Mobile World Congress and talks about our work and how we are disrupting the rules of the metaverse.
  • Betevé: They portray us as the leading Spanish company providing virtual identity services on the metaverse and other virtual worlds.

Check out this Youtube video at the MWC. We appear as one out of 4 companies to keep an eye on!

Union Avatars at MWC 2022 Mobile world congress 2022

Our CEO Cai Felip and Brand Ambassador Jean Felix Clauteaux with our booth at the Mobile World Congress

The last events we participated

Our CEO Cei Felip and Brand ambassador Jean Clauteaux, have been busy participating as a speaker in various conferences

  • On March 17th our CEO Cai Felip participated in an event organized by Desigual’s startup accelerator Awesomelab. They focused on detailing the latest digital ecosystem trends making their way into the fashion sector.
  • On March 29th Cai Felip participated as a speaker in the lecture “Disruptive Uses of the Blockchain: the vase of NFTs” organized by Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Together with the Program Leader at IED Barcelona, Mary Glez, he talked about the design and creation of virtual worlds.
  • Our Brand Ambassador Jean Clauteaux appeared in one of the most popular shows on French tv. He talked about the importance of Virtual Worlds and discussed the Metaverse concept, in particular the opportunities it offers, but also its limitations. Check the full video here.
  • On March 31st, IED Barcelona hosted the conference organized by Mobile Week Barcelona which deals with the design and creation of virtual worlds. They try to bring citizens closer to thinking and participating in the future of digital transformation.
  • On May 4th and 5th, Cai, our CEO, will participate in the event BxCat2022 organized by Centre Blockchain de Catalunya. He will be giving some insight into how the metaverse is shaping our society and how we can add value to it.

Our Blog

We have posted an article on our blog: “AI: Everyday Uses and Future Implications

In this post, we give you some examples of AI applications and introduce you to the concepts of Conversational AI & Digital People and how UNION AVATARS: Linking Realities is helping develop these technologies.

If you fancy our project follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter for more updates and don’t forget to comment down below!

AI: Everyday Uses and Future Implications

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