Level up your Digital Identity: VRM Avatars in Video Calls

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Discover the Power of VRM Avatars for Professional Settings

Virtual meetings have become a crucial aspect of our professional lives in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Our avatars are essential to representing our digital selves in any video conferencing platform, including Google Meet, Zoom, and others. We at Union Avatars are thrilled to provide a new feature to our avatar maker that will significantly increase your online exposure. You may now easily integrate your own digital representation into business meetings, giving a touch of creativity and immersion, thanks to the option to download your avatar in VRM format. We’ll look at the potential benefits and advantages of using your Union Avatar in video chats with popular applications like Animaze and VMagicMirror in this blog post.

Create your Avatar

The first step to getting your avatar ready for virtual meetings is to visit our Avatar Maker. You can quickly generate a realistic, customised avatar that captures your own identity with our cutting-edge technology. Create an avatar that perfectly represents you in the digital world and customise aspects such as haircuts, accessories, footwear, or clothing options.

Download your VRM File

Once you are happy with your avatar, it’s time to download it in VRM format. VRM (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a versatile file format commonly used for representing 3D avatars. By choosing this format, you ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications and platforms, including Animaze and VMagicMirror.

Unleash the Magic with Animaze: Your VRM Avatar in Action

Now, if you want to use your VRM avatar in meetings, you need to set up either Animaze or VMagicMirror on your PC. These programmes offer an accurate virtual setting where your avatar can be imported and animated. In this post, we´ll show you how to do the process with the first one, but we leave you some explanation of both of them in case you want to test them:

Animaze: This is a popular programme with real-time 3D animation capabilities. It enables you to use different gestures, expressions, and movements to give your VRM avatar life. You can use your avatar easily with Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing programmes thanks to Animaze’s integration.

VMagicMirror: This is a versatile app focused on virtual reality and mixed reality experiences. With its interactive mirror-like interface, you can interact with others using your VRM avatar and it will mimic your hand gestures and body motion. You can take part in meetings with an additional sense of immersion and interaction by combining VMagicMirror with your video conferencing platform.

Import your VRM Avatar

The next step is to import your VRM avatar after setting up Animaze or VMagicMirror. You can easily import your Union Avatar into the virtual environments of these programmes thanks to their simple import features. Once imported, you can further customise the appearance, change the animations, and add expressive gestures to your avatar to better match your communication style.


Create your VRM Avatars, and Dive into your Virtual Meetings

You can now improve your virtual meetings with the help of Union Avatars’ new VRM feature and its interoperability. Enhance your online presence, stand out from the competition, and bring an air of originality and immersion to conversations about work by using your customised avatar. Use Union Avatars to make your virtual meetings more interesting and boost your options for communication, creativity, and professional branding.

Create your Realistic Avatar or Voxel today with Union Avatars and take your digital identity to the next level in the metaverse!

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