Dragon Corp & Union Avatars, exclusive design for the NFT Gaming guild

Dragon Corp Union Avatars

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Enjoy a uniquely designed avatar created for the Guild to begin your adventure in the Metaverse.

Video games are a constant in the technological world. We have all played a minigame, alone or with friends, and we have enjoyed the gaming experience. We believe in the potential of current and future video games as a fun and educational way to get closer to the Metaverse and learn more about it.

In the end, video games and the Metaverse have come together to create a simple and entertaining way to see all the possibilities that technology offers to us, starting with personalizing your own digital identity. That’s why we’re so excited to work with the Guild Dragon Corp to create an exclusive avatar free for all users.

The dedicated community, together with the professionals in the world of NFT Gaming present in the project, are some characteristics that predispose Dragon Corp as a professionalized Guild where users can enjoy a complete gaming experience.

How to get your unique Dragon Corps avatar

From today, you can get an exclusive avatar body to use on different platforms of the Metaverse, VR, and video games. To obtain it, log in to our website and, in the panel to create your next avatar, use the following promotional code: DRAGONCORP.

Once you use it, you will get your avatar in GLB format, ready to start your next adventure in spaces as fun as VRChat.

Do you want to convert your avatar to FBX or VRChat format? Check our complete guide to carry out the process. Join the Metaverse with a few easy steps.


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