Discover the Top 10 Platforms to Import and Utilize VRM Avatars

vrm avatar platforms to import your avatar

Dive into the VRM avatar universe with our guide to the top 10 platforms for seamless integration and boundless adventures

Welcome to the VRM avatars universe! In this guide, we’ll unveil nine exceptional platforms that empower you to import, unleash, and revel in your VRM avatars. From immersive virtual realms to augmented reality escapades, get ready to amplify your avatar experience.

1. Hyperfy: Explore Infinite Virtual Worlds

hyperfy platform to use VRM avatars

Hyperfy, a dynamic virtual platform, invites you to bring your VRM avatar to life. Whether you opt for drag-and-drop or the avatar’s URL, Hyperfy makes integration a breeze. Dive into a multitude of virtual realms, partake in immersive experiences, race with friends, and realize your creative projects. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with your VRM avatar!

2. Nifty Island: The Future of Web3 Gaming

Nifty Island Import Union Avatars Vrm

Nifty Island, the revolutionary gaming platform that’s capturing the imagination of over 500,000 monthly visitors! Get your own free island, build your dream games, and explore creations from a global community. From serene hideouts to epic battle arenas, Nifty Island offers endless gameplay variety with races, battle royales, and more. Discover how to import your Union Avatar and start your adventure today and seize the opportunity to stand out in a thriving community!

2. Mona: Create, Buy, and Explore

Mona platform where you can upload VRM avatars

Mona opens doors to another virtual dimension, allowing you to effortlessly upload VRM avatars via URL. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, trade virtual real estate, and explore countless immersive environments. Monaverse offers a splendid platform with remarkable quality.

3. VRChat: Join the Virtual Social Hub

VRChat platform where you can upload VRM avatars

VRChat, a bustling virtual hub, welcomes VRM avatars in various formats, with VRM being a prime choice. Our video tutorial simplifies the process of bringing your Union Avatar to VRChat. Dive into this virtual world, available on Steam, and relish moments with friends, explore virtual realms, and even craft your own. Steam, Windows, and VR headset users, this one’s for you!

4. Oncyber: Virtual Bliss at Your Fingertips

Oncyber platform where you can upload VRM avatars

Oncyber offers an inviting realm for your VRM avatar. Delight in virtual worlds, explore user-created galleries featuring NFT art for sale, and cherish a seamless experience. Oncyber is easily accessible via web browsers, including Chrome, Brave, and Firefox, with XR-compatible options.

5. Moemate: AI Studio Meets Virtual Avatars

Moemate Screenshot Union Avatars

Step into the world of Moemate, an AI Studio that’s changing the way we engage with virtual avatars. Not only can you create and chat with AI characters, but you can also seamlessly import your Union Avatars into this platform. Moemate offers advanced features like voice cloning and GPT-4 integration, inviting you to a realm where AR and VR are reimagined. Experience the fusion of creativity and technology at

6. Avatavi: Bring VRM Avatars to Reality

Avatavi a phone app whre you can use your VRM avatar

Avatavi bridges the gap between your VRM avatar and reality, leveraging AR technology. Visualize your avatar in real-world settings, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to London’s iconic Big Ben. This mobile application, available on Android and iOS, turns your avatar into a globe-trotting companion. Import your avatar seamlessly via mobile, URL, or VROID account.

7. Fumi Fumi: Unleash Your Creativity with VRM Avatars

fumifumi is a VRM avatar app to edit avatars

Fumi Fumi empowers creative minds to compose, design, and modify avatar poses, add backgrounds, and incorporate accessories. This mobile-exclusive application, available for both iOS and Android, offers a canvas for imaginative expression. Easily link your VROID account and upload VRM avatars.

8. Viverse: HTC’s Virtual Playground

Viverse is the HTC Metaverse platform where you can import your union avatar

Viverse, HTC’s virtual realm, grants you the power to craft and explore virtual spaces. From art galleries to fashion weeks and gatherings with friends, Viverse offers diverse experiences. Compatible with most Mac and Windows browsers, it’s also accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices.

9. Craftopia: Enter an Open-World Adventure with your VRM Avatar

Craftopia is a game available in Steam where you can upload your avatar in VRM format

Craftopia, a captivating open-world survival game, blends elements from renowned titles like Zelda, Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Stardew Valley, and Minecraft. Available on Steam for PC, this multiplayer gem welcomes your VRM avatars. Connect your VROID account and effortlessly transfer your avatars for endless adventures.

In the vast VRM avatar universe, these 9 platforms await your exploration. But first, you’ll need an avatar. Don’t worry, Union Avatars has you covered. Create here your unique avatar today, download it in VRM format, and unlock a world of possibilities across these exciting platforms. Get started now!

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