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FAQ Section

Common Questions About Pricing
How can I submit my assets to be added to the marketplace?

We invite you to fill out this form to get to know you better and to contact you: Submission Form.

Where can I find documentation to create assets for the avatars?

All the information and technical requirements can be found at this link: Documentation for Creating Assets.

Do I need to retopologize my assets to adapt them to your avatar?

Yes, you need to retopologize your assets to adapt them to our avatar. Multiuser platforms require avatars to be optimized. For guidance, please refer to our tutorial: Retopology Tutorial.

What types of assets can be created?

You can create complete outfits, separate garments (tops, bottoms, or footwear), accessories, or hairstyles.

Which platforms are compatible with Union Avatars?

Our avatars are compatible with multiple public platforms. For a complete list, please visit: Compatible Platforms.

Can I sell my assets as NFTs?

Yes, you can sell your assets as NFTs and allow users who own your NFT to redeem them in our marketplace. Please fill out the form and contact us for more information: Contact Form.

Does Union Avatars support VRM files?

Yes, after creating your avatar, you can download it in either VRM or GLB formats.


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