Choose who you want to be: Commitment to Inclusivity in the Metaverse

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A step forward to offer women a representative, inclusive, and non-sexualized digital identity.

You are dying to try the new fashion video game. Everyone talks about how fun it is. Determined, you sit in front of your computer, ready to choose your avatar. But there is a problem: none really represents you.

Option A is a male avatar unreally strong, robust, and handsome. Option B presents a female avatar with an hourglass figure, scantily clad, and worse design options than the first avatar. Although you do not like it, you choose the female avatar because, as a woman, you also want to represent yourself on video games or digital platforms.

This absence of variety and inclusiveness was the reason that led us to create the Choose who you want to be initiative, a necessary step forward in the revolution of the personalization of avatars. Jonathan Garcia, UA’s 3D designer, explains how regardless of the application, most avatars maintain similar morphologies or characteristics, such as height, weight, or age.

Our commitment to change these facts starts with Amara’s development: our first female avatar with different measurements from the universal standards used in the technology and entertainment industry.

We were not alone in this process. We also count on the opinion of different Metaverse experts and digital fashion, such as Melisa Cilli or Luisa Dirube, who believe in a positive change. Dirube defends the need for cooperation between the technology industry and society to create a more inclusive space for women.

Optimistic, energetic, and sensual

Amara, whose name means the immortal, is an independent, cheerful, and communicative woman, always willing to discover the infinite Metaverse possibilities and the opinions of its users without prejudice.

The experiences learned during her forties years have allowed her to understand fashion as a fundamental tool for her self-representation. For this reason, as a digital designer, she seeks to bring the highest quality and variety to help people define themselves through clothing.

Pauline Hohl, the co-founder of Unik Labs, also believes in the multiple possibilities digital fashion offers the users, more significant than in the real world, even allowing them to create their clothes. “I think this offers tons of options to find something that represents you,” says Hohl.

Your opinion matters

In this process of construction of Metaverse, we are all united. Therefore, the company has created an open form for all of you, intending to know your needs to feel really represented with your digital identity.

Likewise, both the form and the subsequent report will make particular incidence in the opinions of the female users, who also want to understand who they are and build their identity in the digital world.

As Jimena Tormo explains, as an expert in XR, in the end, “the perfect metaverse for women is the one that gives us the possibility of really being those who want to be, creating everything we want and expressing ourselves as much as we want.” A safe and egalitarian space where you can be yourself.

Fill out our survey on digital identity and join the construction of a Metaverse full of possibilities:

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