Web3 & the Metaverse

Web3 and all the technology developed around it are intended to reduce our dependence on big technology companies and their infrastructure. It aims to create a decentralized internet with more immersive and human spaces.

Union Avatars join the Metaverse Standards Forum

Union Avatars join the Metaverse Standards Forum as a principal member to promote interoperability The newly created Metaverse Standards Forum is a governing organization with the objective of promoting agreement on the needs and specifications for Metaverse interoperability standards. The foundations of an open Metaverse will be provided by businesses

5 Metaverse Platforms You should Watch in 2022

Metaverses like Second Life or Habbo exists since the beginning of the internet. The metaverse is a virtual space where people interact with their avatars. The Blockchain and NFT technologies have transformed the metaverse and allow users to go forward, thanks to the creation of new economies, markets and individual

The Metaverse, a $678 billion Business

All the indicators point to the metaverse being a USD 678 billion profitable business by 2030 The metaverse is currently one of the biggest market trends in the world, largely due to the adoption it has been given by multiple companies around the world, such as Nike, Facebook, Adidas, Gucci,

5 Fashion Brands Marketing in the Metaverse

Covid 19 pandemic, has been the catalyst for many companies to make a dramatic shift toward digital transformation over the past two years. In the light of the boom of metaverse popularity, companies don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to join this new tech wave and take

Union Avatars Joins Outlier Ventures’ Polkadot Base Camp

Union Avatars will create standards for avatars and identities to be portable across worlds We’re excited to announce that Union Avatars has officially joined Polkadot Base Camp, Outlier Ventures web3 accelerator program focused on supporting teams in metaverse ecosystem, building in Web 3 industries. Union Avatars was one of

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), an Overal Picture

NFTs are on everyone’s lips and no wonder why. This kind of blockchain inversion is getting popular and we are here to explain what is it and where it comes from. What is an NFT? NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are digital assets certified by blockchain technology. Any digital

5 Industries Disrupted by Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality generally refers to those 3D computer-generated spaces created online, that allow people to dive into any kind of immersive environment. Virtual Reality has been historically associated with video games, virtual worlds, immersive backgrounds or entertainment but it is much more than that. This technology is disrupting the way

March 2022 Overview Union Avatars

We had such an amazing and frenetic month! We started March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Union Avatars presented its futuristic Oval Booth. This installation allows users to create their realistic avatar in 15 seconds. The reception and feedback were overwhelming. We had the chance to talk to