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Union Avatars Founders

Union Avatars is the leading European company creating realistic avatars for 3D platforms and video games. In the last year, more than 70,000 users from +10 different countries registered that have generated +200,000 avatars, connected to more than 320 platforms such as Nifty Island, OnCyber or Hyperfy.


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Our Team

Cai Low

Cai Felip, Co-founder and CEO

Cai is a third-time founder and one of the most influential figures in the Avatar and 3D worlds ecosystems.

Jordi Low

Jordi Conejero, Co-founder and CMO

Jordi is a two-time founder with a strong background in marketing, has successfully launched viral campaigns for different brands.

Arman Low

Arman Najari, CTO

Arman has a extensive background in computational design, Machine Learning and experience in mixed reality and app development.

Revolutionizing Digital Identity Creation

Union Avatars was born from a vision to transcend traditional digital interaction boundaries, creating a new realm where 3D avatars redefine our online presence. Our belief in the power of digital identity to shape the future of human connection drives us forward. In a world increasingly blending virtual and physical realities, Union Avatars stands as a beacon of innovation, enabling users and creators to forge their digital selves with unparalleled authenticity and creativity.

Avatars Evolution

The early days of Union Avatars

Union Avatars’ journey began in 2019 with founders Cai and Jordi conceptualizing the idea. By 2020, they developed the company’s vision and its first business plan, launching the MVP in 2021 with support from over 50 influential figures across innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and music. This initial success led to securing their first two clients within the same week, bolstering their belief in the project and prompting team expansion. Shortly thereafter, Union Avatars received its first pre-seed investment from FiGroup, followed by a significant €1 million funding round from notable investors including Inveready, GoHub Ventures, and Outlier Ventures, marking a rapid and remarkable achievement in bringing their vision to life.

World Map Union Avatars Clients

Empowering Creators and Users

At Union Avatars, our business ecosystem now encompasses over 70,000 users and more than 300 corporate and developer partners. Our strategic alliances with tech giants like Accenture, GFT Technologies, Vodafone, and Telefónica not only highlight our technological excellence but also our dedication to fostering a worldwide community. This blend of user engagement and high-profile collaborations exemplifies our drive to innovate and connect on a global scale, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital identity creation.

Registered Union Avatars Users 2023

Seamless Integration for Developers

At Union Avatars, we’ve meticulously crafted tools enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate our avatar maker into their projects. Whether through our robust API, Unity SDK, Unreal (UE5) SDK, or iFrame, we ensure seamless integration. This flexibility not only streamlines development but also unlocks creative potential, making digital identity creation accessible and adaptable to any project requirement.

A Marketplace for 3D Creators

We’re pioneering a marketplace revolution where 3D creators can showcase and sell their assets, fostering a vibrant community where creativity flourishes. This platform not only empowers artists to monetize their talents but also provides users with an ever-expanding library of assets, enriching the customization and uniqueness of each avatar.

Championing Interoperability

Union Avatars is at the forefront of adopting new file formats like VRM, enhancing interoperability across a multitude of platforms while maintaining compatibility with standard market formats (GLB, FBX). This commitment to interoperability ensures that our avatars seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, offering users unparalleled flexibility and freedom in digital expression.


VRM Avatars Downloaded


VRM Avatars Converted

Diverse Avatar Styles

Unique in the industry, Union Avatars offers a variety of avatar styles, enabling users to find or create an avatar that truly represents their individuality. We are excited to announce the upcoming introduction of two new avatar styles: cartoon and voxel, set to be unveiled in Q2 of 2024. These additions will complement our existing realistic style, offering users a broader spectrum of creative expression. The cartoon style will bring a playful, animated look, while the voxel style will offer a distinct, pixelated charm, broadening the possibilities for users to represent their digital identities uniquely and vibrantly.

Building Together

Our model ensures that as we grow, so do our creators and users. Their success fuels ours, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation and value creation. As we expand our capabilities to include new forms of digital interaction and deepen our reach into the metaverse, we invite you to be part of this journey. With Union Avatars, invest in a future where digital identity opens up a world of unprecedented opportunities.

Next Steps: Scaling new heights with your investment

This year, we’re embarking on exciting ventures: integrating with key Asian market platforms, serving thousands of users, developing a global platform for an elite sports team, and collaborating with major corporations like Accenture, GFT Technologies, and Telefónica to embed our avatar system in their projects. Your investment fuels these initiatives, promising to magnify its value as we tap into these significant opportunities, setting the stage for unparalleled growth and global impact in the digital identity sphere.

We’re eager to connect with the most passionate Union Avatars ambassadors. We want to hear your vision for the metaverse and beyond. This dialogue is crucial for us as it helps to identify those who will join us in this thrilling journey, shaping the future of digital identity together. Your insights and support are invaluable as we forge ahead into uncharted territories, innovating and expanding our reach globally.

3d Avatars Evolving Marketing Campaings

Featured Investors



Leading asset manager in Spain with more than 15 years of track record.

GoHub Ventures

GoHub Ventures

One of the most important VC in B2B SaaS in Spain with international portfolio.

Fi Group

Fi Group

FiGroup, a leading company in R&D financing and management.

Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures

The worlds number 1 web3 accelerator by volume of investments

Carles Reina

Carles Reina

VP revenue at ElevenLabs and angel investor focused on Deep Tech.

Pedro Marín

Pedro Marín

Head of Innovation at Accenture Advanced Technology Centers.

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