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Digital Identities Market Report

Navigating the Future of Digital Identity

September, 2023

In this comprehensive report, we thoroughly investigate the era of Web 3.0 and the pivotal role avatars play in shaping the digital landscape.

Our exploration encompasses the importance of avatars, their market dynamics, and their potential in fostering an open and inclusive metaverse.

Moreover, we consider the profound impact of avatars and digital identities in cultivating a more diverse and inclusive digital environment. By comprehending these aspects, we gain valuable insights into the transformative possibilities avatars offer, empowering virtual interactions in remarkable ways.

“Around the globe, digital identities are becoming increasingly indispensable for organizations of all kinds - private companies, government bodies and civil society organizations - and for the people and organizations they serve.”

– Deloitte, The Future of Digital Identity

“The digital landscape is experiencing a profound metamorphosis, one that beckons us into a realm where identities transcend the boundaries of the physical world.”

– Jamie Burke, Founder of Outlier Ventures

“Gucci, Nike, Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, Karlie Kloss... these are just a few global brands and people redefining fashion and experimenting with digital clothing, accessories, and their own immersive experiences, as reported by the media over the past few years.” 

– Christina Wootton (VP Global Partnerships, Roblox) 

"Consumer behavior has largely shifted toward adopting digital personas, yet many brands have yet to provide a solution. This opens up a whole new revenue model for brands who can supply digital assets like clothing, for example."

– Irene-Marie Seelig (Cofounder and CEO of AnamXR)