Explore Hyperfy Virtual World with Your Union Avatar

8 de September de 2023

how to upload your avatar to hyperfy

Discover how to use your VRM avatar in the thrilling virtual world of Hyperfy. Your adventures await!

Greetings! Join us into another captivating Union Avatars tutorial. Whether you're basking in real-world bliss or immersing in digital dimensions, get ready to amplify your avatar's experiences like never before inside Hyperfy.

With this new tutorial, we're unlocking the secrets to seamlessly infusing your avatar into Hyperfy's captivating world. From beachside leisure to high-octane races, your avatar is poised for an exhilarating ride. Let's embark on this transformative journey watching the video:

Direct avatar integration on Hyperfy

Our journey starts by creating the avatar on Union Avatars maker. With a myriad of customization options, select an image or snap a selfie, and explore a wardrobe of over hundred garments. Download your avatar in VRM format and head to Hyperfy.

Once you are in Hyperfy, select a world, drag and drop your VRM avatar, and click "Equip." Now you're ready to have a blast in Hyperfy with your avatar.

upload avatar in hyperfy

There is also an alternative method. You'll need to upload your avatar to a cloud storage, for example web3.storage and log in or sign up with your email. Remember to confirm your account via email.

Once logged in, upload your avatar and then copy the link of your file (CID).

Now, go to a Hyperfy world, click on the avatar at the bottom, paste the link from web3storage in the URL section, and you'll have your unique avatar!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Looking forward to seeing your avatars in these exciting worlds!

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