Music and Magic Merge: Kids' VR Concert Delight at Ressons Penedès Festival

2 de August de 2023

How Union Avatars transformed kids into virtual performers, creating an unforgettable experience at a music festival

In the heart of Vilafranca del Penedés, near the vibrant city of Barcelona, a symphony of innovation and creativity harmonized with the joyous laughter of children at the Ressons Penedès Festival. In a groundbreaking project that merged technology, music, and imagination, Union Avatars brought forth a captivating Virtual Reality (VR) experience that turned dreams into reality for young music enthusiasts. Let's journey into the mesmerizing world of this unforgettable event, where kids took center stage alongside their favorite singer, Damaris Gelabert.

A Concert Beyond Imagination

Imagine a world where children are not just spectators but active participants in their cherished concerts. At the Ressons Penedès Festival, Union Avatars made this vision come true by crafting a mesmerizing VR experience. It wasn't merely a performance; it was an interactive journey where young hearts embarked on a virtual adventure alongside Damaris Gelabert and her music band.

The Virtual Fantasy Stage

At the heart of this immersive encounter was a meticulously designed virtual fantasy stage. With awe-inspiring attention to detail, Union Avatars created a 3D environment that seamlessly blended the magical and the real. Every element, from the grandeur of the stage to the twinkle of virtual stars, worked in harmony to transport kids into a world where imagination knew no bounds.

Voxel Avatars, Bridging Fantasy and Reality

The true enchantment lay in the integration of Union Avatars' signature voxel avatars. These adorable and familiar characters transformed the virtual stage into a playground of self-expression. As the kids' avatars sang along with the music band, an unbreakable bond was formed between the real and the virtual. These custom avatars embodied the kids' spirits, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality in a way that only technology could achieve.

A Collaboration of Magic

The echoes of laughter, the rhythm of music, and the shared experience of a virtual concert will forever resonate in the hearts of the children who became stars for a day at the Ressons Penedès Festival. Thanks to the collaborative spirit of Festival Cruïlla, BCN Music Lab, and Damaris Gelabert for make it possible. We look forward to the next harmonious innovation that will continue to bring smiles and magic to the faces of young dreamers.

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