Avatus partners with Union Avatars, unveiling next-generation avatar creation app

26 de July de 2023

partnership between avatus and union avatars

We are delighted to partner with Avatus, an eagerly awaited avatar-based networking platform

We are thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with Avatus, a highly anticipated avatar-based networking platform. This collaboration is set to bring about a revolutionary change in how avatars are created and interacted with, and we couldn't be more excited about it.
Through this exciting partnership, Union Avatars has seamlessly integrated our Avatar Creator tool into Avatus' forthcoming platform. This integration empowers Avatus users to unleash their creativity and individuality by designing and customizing their very own avatars, paving the way for an unparalleled user experience within their dynamic online community. To celebrate this collaboration and show our appreciation for early adopters, Avatus Pioneers who have already registered on the "Coming Soon" page will be granted exclusive access to a diverse selection of digital fashion designs, including the highly sought-after AVATUS garments. These exclusive creations, meticulously crafted in partnership with Union Avatars, will allow Avatus Pioneers to make a distinct fashion statement and stand out in the virtual realm like never before.

Avatus avatar platform powered by Union Avatars

This partnership signifies a remarkable step forward in the realm of avatar-based networking, promising an immersive and authentic virtual environment that fosters meaningful connections between users. The synergy between Union Avatars and Avatus will drive continuous innovation, with plans for future enhancements, joint development projects, and an expansion of virtual fashion options within the Avatus ecosystem.
We extend a warm invitation to all interested individuals to become Avatus Pioneers by signing up on their "Coming Soon" page at avatus.com, and be among the first to experience the ground-breaking AVATUS platform and its exclusive avatar customization features. We are confident that this collaboration will redefine the avatar experience and elevate online networking to unprecedented heights.

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