Creating a Custom VRChat Avatar: A Step-by-Step Guide

30 de June de 2023

How to Make a VRChat Avatar with our Avatar Maker

How to Make a VRChat  Avatar with our Avatar Maker

Ready to explore the fascinating world of VRChat? In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the process of designing your own unique VRChat avatars with Union's Avatar Maker. You can bring your original creations to life and leave a lasting imprint in the metaverse by following these detailed steps. We also provide a comprehensive video on how to make a VRChat avatar. Let's get going!

Create your VRChat Avatar

Before you start, you need to download some software.

First, make sure to download Unity, specifically Version 2019.4.31.f1. It will be easier for you to make your avatars come to life if you use this powerful game creation platform. Don't forget to download the VRChat Creator Companion (VCC). Your avatars will be easier to integrate into VRChat thanks to this tool.

Now that you have all the necessary software, you can move on to the next steps. Start Unity and install the VRM converter for VRChat. Just follow the guidelines in the video tutorial, and the converter will be easily installed in your Unity repository.

From VRM avatars to VRChat Avatars

After that, we can begin working on our project and upload our VRM to VRCHAT. To do this, we create a project, choose the "AVATARS" template, enter the name we want, and click "CREATE"! Later, you must set up the project's management (you'll need to add the repository for the VRM converter for VRChat and the Avatars 3.0 manager;  also include the AV3 manager). And now, click "OPEN PROJECT"!

In the project's top-left corner, open the VRM window and select "Import from VRM0x". Then you will upload the VRM from Union Avatars and drag and drop from the assets to the hierarchy, select the avatar from the hierarchy and go to the inspector, scroll down and select "Add Component," and add the "VRC Avatar Descriptor".

Now we will duplicate our avatar and convert it to VRChat . To do this, go to the project's top section, open the VRM window, and choose "Duplicate and convert for VRCHAT." A window will pop up. Once loaded, we choose "Duplicate and Convert" and a second window will then open; this time, we click OK.

Once we've finished, delete the non-VRCHAT avatar and choose the VRCHAT avatar (the name will include "VRChat"). Now go to the inspector and the component VRC Avatar Descriptor. To change the lipsync setting from default to "viseme blend shape" on the Face Mesh, choose "body", and all the blendshapes will be inserted automatically.

Select “VRChat SDK” in the project's top section, and click on “Show Control Panel”.  A pop-up will appear and you will need to login into your VRChat Account, to upload the file. When we are logged in, we choose the Builder option from the pop-up menu and check to see if our avatar has any errors or problems. If not, we continue and choose the "Build & Publish for Windows" option. Give the prefab a name, then wait.

After the process is completed, enter your avatar's name and accept the VRChat terms and conditions on the game display. When everything is done, click Upload!

Launch VRChat from Steam, log in using the account you added during the setup process, and after the game loads, press ESC to access the menu. Select "Avatars," and then, on the left side, click the "Upload" button, and you’re all set!

If you want to create your Realistic Avatar for free, check out our Avatar Creator.

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