Union Avatars’ SDK Integration to Unity & Unreal Engine Projects

18 de May de 2023

Union Avatars SDK Unity & Unreal Engine

Step up Your Game: Adding Realistic Avatars with Union Avatars SDK in Unity and Unreal Engine

The Metaverse and immersive spaces are rapidly evolving daily, and digital identity solutions are becoming an essential part of getting a trustworthy representation of users on all kinds of platforms. Union Avatars is the leading avatar creator company, enabling both people and companies to create lifelike avatars and effortlessly incorporate them into Unity and Unreal Engine projects.

This blog post will examine the integration of the Union Avatars SDK into these well-known game development frameworks as well as the process of enhancing your realistic avatars with Mixamo animations.

Union’s Avatar Creator

As a reputable supplier of digital identity solutions, Union Avatars stands out for meeting the digital identity requirements of most businesses. Users can convert realistic avatars into cartoon characters, voxel avatars, and more with the help of Union Avatars' cutting-edge avatar creator and avatar converter. Union Avatars also excels at digitalizing retail and fashion collections, enabling businesses to grow in the online market. Now let's get started with the integration process.

Integrating Union Avatars SDK into Unity & Unreal

The first step you need to do is download Union’s SDK:

Visit the Union Avatars website and get to the developers’ page. Fill the form to get the Union Avatars SDK specifically tailored for Unity and Unreal projects. We´ll keep all programs updated and you´ll have the last version of them.

The second step is importing the SDK into Unity & Unreal:

Open an existing project or start a new one in Unity or Unreal. You can import the Union Avatars SDK that you downloaded quite easily, just find the SDK file you downloaded, then follow the installation instructions.

For the third step, you need to identify yourself:

In order to use the features of the Union Avatars SDK, authentication is required. You may access the required API keys and authentication information from the dashboard of your Union Avatars account. To authenticate with Union Avatars servers, add these credentials to the Unity project settings or include them in a script. This last process is exclusive to Unity.

Now you can implement our Avatar Creator:

After successfully importing and authenticating the Union Avatars SDK, it's time to integrate the avatar creator into your Unity project. Create a user interface using the given APIs and documentation, or include the avatar creator feature into an already-existing UI (User Interface).

Customise Avatars:

Use the Union Avatars SDK to give users the ability to change their avatars' hairstyles, body types, clothing, and other features.

Check out these videos we´ve prepared to show you the integration process!

How to Integrate Union Avatars into Unity Projects

How to Integrate Union Avatars into Unreal Engine Projects

If you want to try our Avatar Creator, you can do it for free HERE!

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