Benefits of Using an Avatar Creator for Your Company

10 de May de 2023

Benefits of Using an Avatar Creator for Your Company

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly searching for fresh and innovative ways to interact with their clients. Offering an Avatar Creator, which enables users to design a unique avatar that represents them online, is a popular way to accomplish this.

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of using an avatar creator for your company and how can Union Avatars help you meet your goals.

What is an Avatar Creator?

An avatar creator is a piece of software that allows users to build a digital representation of themselves. These avatars can be altered to include multiple elements such as different hairstyles, digital clothing, accessories, and more. Video games and social media sites like Snapchat, where users may build a customised Bitmoji, have made avatar creators increasingly popular.

The full-body avatar maker we provide at Union Avatars enables customers to create an avatar that closely resembles them. Our Avatar Creator has a variety of customization options, including alternatives for the hair, shoes, tops and bottoms, so users can generate a genuinely individual image of themselves.

Why Should Your Business Offer an Avatar Creator?

Personalization and Branding

Providing an avatar creator could enhance branding for your company. You can offer consumers a greater level of customization that can boost engagement and loyalty by allowing them to create a digital representation of themselves.

Additionally, including your brand's logo or colours in the avatar maker may encourage people to connect the avatar with your company, boosting brand identification and awareness.

Enhanced User Engagement and Retention

Avatar Creators will also help improve user engagement and retention. Users are more likely to stay on your website or app for longer when you give them a fun and engaging tool, increasing the chances of them making a purchase or interacting with your business.

Avatars can additionally serve as users' digital identities, fostering an emotional bond that may enhance retention and loyalty.

Increased Social Sharing and Viral Marketing

All avatars created can also be shared on social media platforms, increasing exposure and viral marketing. Your users will be able to share their avatars on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, helping them to be seen by others and thus increasing interest in your brand.

Also, by allowing users to build avatars that are relevant to your business or sector, an avatar creator can open up opportunities for user-generated content. The buzz and engagement that this user-generated content can create will promote social sharing and viral advertising.

Future Growth of the Digital Identification Market

The digital identity market is expected to be worth more than $600 billion by 2030, despite significant cultural, legal, and technological uncertainty. By providing a character creator, your company can establish itself as an early adopter in the rapidly growing market.

It’s also important to consider that using an avatar maker can help your company take the first steps towards implementing digital identity features like biometric authentication or virtual reality experiences.

In addition to the general advantages of using an avatar creator, Union Avatars also provides a number of benefits to companies that want to implement our SDK.

Reduced Time to Market

One of the biggest advantages of using our Avatar Creator is that it allows companies to reduce the time it takes to bring their product to market. It can take over six months to develop an avatar system from scratch, which can be a substantial setback for businesses hoping to provide a new feature or product quickly.

Companies can easily launch an avatar system using Union Avatars, allowing them to concentrate on other areas of their business and launch their product faster.

No Algorithm Training or Server Maintenance Required

If a business chooses to develop its own avatar system, maintaining the servers and algorithm training would be necessary, both of which can be time-consuming and expensive. Companies using Union Avatars don't have to be worried about any of these problems because our avatars are created, developed and updated automatically by our SDK, thanks to our team of experts.

Fully Customizable Avatars

Our realistic avatars are fully customizable and are a reflection of the user's physique and spirit. This means that companies can customise the avatar experience for their particular target market, whether that's kids, teens, or adults.

Multiple Integration Options

There are several integration options available with Union Avatars, including Iframe (completely customisable), Unity SDK, and API. This means that companies don't need to make any major network changes in order to integrate our avatar creator into their current website or application.

Always-On Software

On a desktop computer, a mobile device, or a tablet, users can access our Avatar Creator at any time because it is always on. Because of this, users won't need to worry about downtime or system maintenance since they can build their avatars whenever they want.

Choice of Shared or Private Database

Last but not least, Union Avatars gives companies the choice of having a shared or private database. This means that companies have a choice between storing user data on their own private databases for added protection and control, or on our also secure and encrypted servers.

In general, using Union Avatars for your avatar creation needs can offer your businesses a number of advantages, such as a faster time to market, the elimination of algorithm training and server maintenance requirements, offering fully customizable avatars, a variety of integration options, always-on software, and the option of a shared or private database.

These advantages can help businesses save time and money while also giving their users a distinctive and interesting experience.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take your users’ experience to the next level?

Check out our Avatar Maker and start shaping your company's future!

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