Atelier Claro & Union Avatars, a high fashion range for the Metaverse

13 de February de 2023

Claro Union Avatars Digital Clothing

Fearless, comfortable, and versatile. The first digital collection of Atelier Claro, with Union Avatars, reflects the impetus necessary to start new challenges.

Fashion is self-representation. An indispensable tool in the new digital environment to create our uniqueness and dazzle the Metaverse with our presence. However, on many occasions, the designs are shown as something exclusive.

Union Avatars believes in the need for all users to enjoy versatile, high-quality designs for their avatars, without ever losing the exclusivity of these garments. For this reason, we are excited to announce this partnership with Atelier Claro, one of the most recognized brands in Spain, for bespoke tailoring for brides, red carpets, and guests.

A novel collaboration where, for the first time, users will enjoy a digital collection of 10 extraordinary pieces from the renowned Spanish company. This partnership combines Claro’s enthusiasm for exquisite fashion with Union Avatars‘ expertise in digital apparel to create a distinctive and cutting-edge collection that is sure to draw attention.

The stunning collection, named DARE, features dresses in a couture line that draws inspiration from Claro’s classic styles. A mix of black and white, presented in all the firm’s collections, and a new range of shades from green to blue. The DARE line is confident to make a bold statement no matter the season because it is created to highlight the star that every user has within.

To celebrate this collaboration and as a preview of the garments for the coming months, users will enjoy the first design of the exclusive collection in the coming weeks. This dress, called DARE in honour of the courage necessary to start new challenges, is a long-midi dress with a pencil cut. With long sleeves, the novelty of this piece is that it is made of a polyester knit-based fabric, somewhat elastic, and with sequins.

This dress is easy and comfortable to wear as it is created of stretchy knit fabric that adapts to the female’s body. In addition, this outfit is perfect for nights or special occasions as it is enhanced with vibrant details.

All users looking for functional and fashionable clothing can now purchase a piece from this extraordinary collection. Visit the Union Avatars website and access the DARE collection. You can request early access to the collection at this link.

About Atelier Claro

Claro is a well-known clothing brand that has gained widespread recognition. They focus on empowering women through their designs that are chic, elegant, and adaptable. Claro’s dedication to excellence and value has won it a loyal fan base. The brand’s tagline is “unleash the star in you”, and this partnership with Union Avatars is evidence of the brand’s mission to provide women with the self-expression and self-confidence they need to take on the world, whether in the physical or the digital. 

Don’t wait any longer; use DARE to bring out your inner star.

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