Immersive Search & Union Avatars, a design to shine in the Metaverse

1 de February de 2023

Immersive Search & Union Avatars, digital clothing

Dazzle your friends with the exclusive garment created for the company focused on virtual reality

For several years, virtual reality has been called a diamond in the rough: a step forward in building our new digital environment.  For this reason, we are very excited to collaborate with a company like Immersive Search, which has a long history in this area and whose principal consideration is people.

Virtual reality reveals new possibilities in different work environments, including medicine or technology. However, behind each project, the most important thing is to find the right people who will help you use VR but who will also get involved in the ideas and seek to participate in the change.

The Immersive Search team are expert in this field, connecting international businesses with exceptionally talented XR specialists for three years. We also believe in the importance of knowing the opinions and favoring the participation of our team and community.

That's why we present this comfortable and lovely garment for all those users who are also interested in VR and want to continue discovering all the talent and innovation that exists around us nowadays.

How to get your unique avatar from Immersive Search?

Starting today, you can get an exclusive avatar body to use on the Metaverse, VR platforms, and video games. To get it, log in to our website. In the panel to create your next avatar, use the following promo code: Immersive_Search.

Once you use it, you'll get your avatar in GLB format, ready to dazzle in your next virtual opportunity.
Also, if you want to convert your avatar to FBX or VRChat format, you can check our complete guide to carry out the process and join the Metaverse with a few easy steps.

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