Union Avatars participates at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas

21 de September de 2022

Union Avatars Mobile World Congress Las Vegas 2022

Union Avatars will offer 3D Realistic Avatars to MWC Las Vegas 2022 attendees

Next destination set: Las Vegas, United States. The city of lights and glamour —headquarters of the Mobile World Congress Las Vegas— will host for the first time the Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital), an initiative that “promotes the digital development of society and helps improve people’s lives on a global scale”, as indicated by the MWCapital.

An opportunity to share different visions about innovation in the Metaverse and proposals about digital identity.  That’s why we are so happy to announce that Union Avatars will also be present to show its photorealistic 3D avatars at the Mobile World Congress Las Vegas from September 28 to 30, 2022. 

The fifth edition of the event brings together the sixteen most outstanding Spanish startups in the field of technology and innovation, with the aim of facilitating their incorporation into the US market.

During its stay, Union Avatars will define its innovative technological proposal that consolidates it as a provider of digital identities through photorealistic 3D avatars for different platforms of the Metaverse, video games and applications, using blockchain technology. Likewise, the Catalan company will explain, during the networking sessions, one-to-one meetings and pitch sessions, the importance of the user being able to transfer their own identity to the Metaverse thanks to diversified and personalized avatars.

Event attendees will be part of this experience, being able to obtain their own personalized 3D avatar at this moment through a simple selfie. In addition, Union Avatars will expand the information about the development of its UnionID, an NFT that acts as a passport to the Metaverse to allow the user to save different projections of their avatar in it and select the most appropriate depending on the platform accessed. 

The initiative promoted by the MWCapital, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Barcelona City Council, is made up 2022 of sixteen companies —of the 30 registered— from the commerce, industry, telecommunications and services sector. Among them, the Andalusian company Exxita be circular, focused on device recovery and process optimization through AI, or the Extremaduran company QBeast, a provider of technology for high-speed data storage and analysis.

Union Avatars’ mission

The pfp projects of NFTs, as well as the avatars destined for the Metaverse, are two intrinsic parts of one’s own virtual identity. In Union Avatars we blur the lines between the virtual world and reality, a unique experience like never lived before.

We provide companies and users the tools to manage their digital identities. Our mission is to help shape the future of virtual identity in the metaverse by having a digital representation of yourself in video games, social networks, virtual reality worlds or gamification.

Dive into the Metaverse and start your own adventure with a custom avatar

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