AI: Everyday Uses and Future Implications

22 de March de 2022

AI: Everyday Uses and Future Implications

How does AI affect our daily lives and what will be its evolution?

Artificial Intelligence is not something out of a science fiction movie anymore, it is present in our everyday lives. In this post, we give you some examples of its use.

AI is integrated with our daily routines, always trying to reach the objective for which it was created, to facilitate people’s lives in recurring and repetitive tasks and enhance the efficiency of the tasks it carries out.

Let’s see some examples.

Voice Assistance

Nowadays we all have smart speakers and other devices with voice assistance. In the USA over 25% of households have some voice assistant device such as Google Home, Amazon Echo or Alexa. These devices use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret voice commands and answer them. They can play music, read you a book, or turn off the lights.

Social Media Content

Doesn’t matter whether you prefer Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, most of the content you get through them is processed by artificial intelligence. Due to machine learning, AI applications offer you information that you might be looking for, so you go back to them more often. That is why if you like a couple of pictures related to workouts you will receive ads or related posts of gyms. Your user experience is totally controlled and measured by the algorithm!

Music Recommendations

YouTube, Spotify and Alexa rely on learning algorithms that allow them to interpret our taste in music. When we create playlists on YouTube or Spotify, we are helping the AI system analyze our decisions based on the song genre, tone, duration, artists, etc and it will suggest new songs based on that analysis.

Customer Service

Most companies rely upon their customer service to chatbots to answer users’ simple questions.  These bots powered by AI help clients look for what they need but also keep the clients’ data to offer them products based on their profiles and past searches.

There are plenty of everyday situations where AI technology is used, such as spam filters, maps apps, predictive Google engines, pictures powered by AI, language translations, smart driving, etc

But how can we make these technologies more human?

During the past years, avatar creation technologies are making it possible to give a face to the artificial intelligence voice that talks to us through our phones or laptop.

Conversational AI & Digital People

Conversational AI refers to those technologies that allow automated interactions between humans and machines.  CAI combines natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning. Natural language processing powers different machine learning processes that help constantly improve AI algorithms.

We need machines to start communicating the same way as humans do for the relationship business-customer to be successful. The final goal is to provide the best kind of human-like interactions possible.

Among the most common CAI, we can find virtual assistants, voice bots or chatbots.

In the near future, development in the field will allow machines to mimic human behaviour almost to perfection. We won’t be able to tell the difference between interactions with AI bots and humans.

Artificial Intelligence is not science fiction. In this post, we give you some examples of its use.

But there are still some obstacles on the way. The main problem we face today is dehumanisation when talking to customer service, but that could also have a simple solution when joining together avatars and conversational AI.

The emergence of digital people is now rising. Virtual characters and avatars are merging with AI and creating humanoids designed to answer our questions and make our lives easier.

Some companies are already investing in this technology and AI tools to connect on a human level with customers while using AI assistants.

In 2020, Samsung  launched Neon, a “virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence.”

This technology could be the forefather of new virtual assistants with human emotions that would make our customer experience much richer and more real.

Avatar Maker Development

The disruption of the metaverse in our society sparked a revolution in virtual character creation.

Companies like Union Avatars are blurring the lines between physical and virtual humans. The science behind our avatars together with AI algorithms allow the development of Conversational AI & Digital People, with a vast range of facial movements and human-like appearance.

Once we break the initial barrier between robots and humans, interactions with digital media on customer service will be as natural as conversations among people.

The future of customer service is here, the question is, what companies will be pioneers implementing it?

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