Upload your avatar to Somnium Space using Unity

2 de August de 2021

upload avatar somnium space using unity. Union avatars, vr, ar, metaverse and web3.

This is the step-by-step guide that shows you how to upload your avatar to Somnium Space using Unity

In case you don’t have yet, create here your 3D avatar from a selfie

For this guide, we will use the Unity 2019.2.4f1 version: https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive (follow this link to download it).

Also, you need need to download SomniumSpaceSDK and create an account at Somnium Space.

The guide to uploading your avatar to Somnium Space

  1. When having everything in order, we will import the file SomniumSpaceSDK in assets when doing it we will see several pop-up windows, in first we will select “All” and “Import” in the following pop-up we will select “I Made A Backup, Go Ahead!” then we will see the last one in which we will have to log in with our account created previously in SomniumSpace.
  2. Now the next step will be to import the avatar file T-Pose to Unity, we will see a window and select “Avatar” and after this, we will see another window in which we will click on “Import all files” and open the T-Pose folder in assets and drag the T-Pose file to SampleScene to see the avatar.
  3. We go to the assets/Models section and click on the T-Pose avatar, look in the Inspector part and go to Materials in which we change from “Use embedded Materials” to “Use External Materials (Legacy)” we check that in the rig tab it is in Humanoid.
  4. Now select each Material (Body, Boots, Hands, Hands, Head, Hair) change the colour in the Main Maps part to white and add the texture in Normal Map (each texture in a place, that is to say, Body with the texture of Body and so on) once introduced this we select to Fix Now. Important: in the Material Hair we will select in rendering mode from “Opaque” to “Fade”.
  5. Following the process, we will take the avatar that we have created in SampleScene and we will move it to Assets/Models a pop-up will appear in which we will select Original Prefab, when we have done this we will load the scene of SomniumSpace in Assets/Scene a pop-up window will appear and we will click in “Don’t Save”.
  6. Once everything is correct we should see a room with a bodybuilder in the centre if so everything is fine if not check some steps, followed by this we will move our avatar from Assets/Models to Hierarchy/Model pivot so we can see the avatar, the bodybuilder we can make it disappear by clicking on the hierarchy in the file itself and in the inspector pressing the tick that will appear in blue in the top part. When we finish this process we will select our avatar and we will go to Add Component and look for avatar config.
  7. Once we have everything done we will go to the Somnium SDK tab and click on Build & Upload. We see that it does not have any error (If we have some error review, check all the steps or start again from the beginning) and we will press the Build action.
  8. We will already have our avatar to upload to SomniumSpace, when we have finished with the action of Build a pop-up window will appear in which it will ask us Bundle Name we will do all that it asks us including accepting the terms and conditions, or it will not be possible to continue and Upload Bundle when we everything is ready.
  9. Then we only have to upload it to SomniumSpace, we will have to go to the Launcher of SomniumSpace and click on PC Client when it opens we will go to custom avatar and we will select ours and…. WE ALREADY HAVE OUR UNION AVATAR IN SOMNIUMSPACE

Get now your photorealistic avatar from a selfie

In case you don’t have your own avatar, you can create one easily with our Avatar Creator. You just need to upload your selfie photo and you will get a photorealistic avatar. Then you can download the FBX file or add movements to your avatar.

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