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Create your Avatar from a single selfie!

Union Avatars is the fastest and easiest tool to create your realistic avatar and other styles in less than a minute. Upload your photo and get your 3D avatar in real-time, ready to use in video games, virtual reality, augmented reality apps or in the Web3.

Union ID: Your entry point to the Metaverse

Own your avatars and assets and take your digital identity with you across virtual worlds. Your identity all in one place. Easy interoperability between third parties and platforms.

One Avatar style for each occasion and platform

Using different avatars allows you to represent different aspects of your personality and adapt to various situations and virtual worlds’ aesthetics.

Olav Realistic Style Avatar


Olav Cartoon Style Avatar


Olav Voxel Style Avatar


More Styles To Come Avatars 1

More to come

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Benefits for Developers

Designed by developers for developers, we have an easy API and SDK integration kit with lightning-speed Avatar creation for your platform.

Integrate in your platforms
Save time and costs
Improve user experience
Easy to use API

Developers 3D Avatar Maker Toolkit


If you use Unity or Unreal as your engine this is your tool!


The easiest way to connect and the user stays on your website.


If you use other engines and/or you have a team of developers.

The Future Begins With You

Open up to a realm of new possibilities with Union Avatars

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