Create your avatar and explore your infinite potential

We are providing a realistic full body character creator tool to improve your experience in your favourite virtual worlds and metaverse.

union avatars. 3d avatar maker
create your avatar from a selfie Union Avatars

Create your avatar in less than a minute

Union Avatars is the fastest and easiest tool to create your realistic avatar from a single selfie. Upload your photo and receive your 3D avatar in real time, ready to use in video games, virtual reality, and augmented reality apps or in the metaverse.

UnionID: your entry point into the Metaverse

Own your Avatars and possessions and seamlessly take your identity with you across virtual worlds.
unionId, the entry point to the metaverse Union Avatars


Designed by developers for developers. Easy API integration with lightening speed avatar creation for your platform.
Union avatars, your key to the metaverse

Integrate in your platform

Union Avatars. Save time using our avatar maker

Save time and costs

User experience Union Avatars

Improve the UX

easy API installation Union Avatars

Easy-to-use API


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Avatars and Video Games: The Next Evolution

Large video game companies are investing in the digital identity of their users. What means avatar? In Hindi, avatar refers to the body through which a god manifests himself among mortals on Earth. But in today’s society, when one hears the word avatar, it is...

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